About us

We started delivering cbd  to our community in Hackney East London also known as  H-TOWN.

We provided high strain cbd and got really great feedback from our customers, the ones that touched us was the customers with health issues like anxiety, back pain etc. With their reviews of how it helped ease their stresses, we decided to up our game and deliver this great health hemp to the rest of UK.

We aim to provide the highest CBD content flowers out on the market, there are quite a few companies out there with a large menu of flavours but most of the list of flavours has very small cbd content and not nice tasting. we however have a minimal list of flavours to ensure we provide the highest content of CBD, richest tasting and mainly most effective with the health benefits.

All our budz are lab tested to ensure what we provide is all 100%. So welcome to H-TOWN HEMP relax and unwind with our great flavours delivered right to your door ✌️