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Bath bomb (Purple) 100mg broad spectrum CBD

Bath bomb (Purple) 100mg broad spectrum CBD

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Lavender oil- relieves pain and helps heal the skin and aids restful sleep

Base ingredients- bicarbonate soda, Epson salt, citric acid, slsa, coconut oil, graoeseed oil, polysorbate 80, cocoa butter, hemp oil, witch Hazel, kaolin clay, Broad spectrum CBD.

Each bomb contains 100mg Broad spectrum CBD

Each bomb is 200g weight

Handmade in UK.

Keep out of direct sun light at an ambient temperature avoiding exposure to liquids before use

Consult your GP before using if you have any concerns or questions prior to use.

Not suitable to be used whilst pregnant and persons under the age of 18

Put the bath bomb in to hot water, as soon as the bomb enters the water it will start to bubble and fizz, over time the bomb will start to break apart and dissolve thus allowing all the beneficial oils, salts and butters to be released into the bath water.

Bath bombs can be used as whole, split in two or split in to 4 pieces

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